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Below are all of my first or second place finishes at VW only events.

(There've been a few first and second place finishes at regular bracket events that are not listed here.)

                    2001 Yakima Volksfest Pro Bracket Winner

                    2000 Seattle Bugnationals Pro Bracket Winner

                    1999 (Bremerton) Northwest Bug-In Quick-8 Winner

                    1999 (Bremerton) Northwest Bug-In King of the Hill

                    1999 (Bremerton) Northwest Bug-In Low E.T.

                    1998 (Bremerton) Northwest Bug-In Quick-8 Runner-up

                    1998 Seattle Bugnationals Pro Bracket Winner

                    1997 Seattle Bugnationals Pro Bracket Winner

                    *1995 Seattle Bugnationals Pro Bracket Runner-up

                    #1993 Sears Point Bug-In Bracket 2 Runner-up

                    #1990 Boise Tater Bug III Pro Bracket Winner

                    #1988 Portland Bug-In Bracket 2 Runner-up

                   *(This event was with Rocky Jennings' "Pocket Rocket")

                    #(These events were with my street car "1 Bad Bug")