Drag Race Results 8-26-2017

Before I went out to race, I did some dyno tuning to try and get the boost up better than last time.

I started out with replacing the 6 psi wastegate springs with the14 psi ones.

This is a dyno sheet of a pull with the 14 psi wastegate springs and the boost controller disabled...

This is a dyno sheet of a pull with the 14 psi wastegate springs and the boost controller set incorrectly.  It boosted to almost 30 psi!  I lifted after I saw it that high!...

I tried for a while to dial in the PID settings on the ECU, but due to not enough time (and experience yet!) I put the controller in bypass mode and ran the higher pressure springs.

This is a dyno sheet of a pull with the 14 psi & 6 psi wastegate springs (To "in theory" give 20 psi) and the boost controller disabled (and the timing retarded to 20 degrees)...

I was having issues, (possibly ignition related?) when the boost was higher.  (I am now thinking that maybe my dwell time is increasing too much as boost rises?  I will look into that soon!) 

Any case, although I had the one clean pull above on the dyno, when I got to the track, it was like hitting a rev limiter at approx. 6,000rpms.  The first run down the track, once it hit the rpms too low, I lifted and just drove down the track.  On the second run I shifted through each gear once I felt it fall on it's face (approx. 6,000 rpms).  This resulted in a pretty low ET (11.06 @ 123.6 mph), but it gave me a chance to check other stuff.  The car really pulls like a freight train with the boost at 18 psi instead of 10 psi!  Once I get the rest of the problems sorted out, I still truly believe that I can run some low numbers and do it repeatedly.

On another note, I did not even try to push the tree, waited until the third yellow was for sure on a while, and still cut a .076 and then a .051 light.  So.... I think that once I start racing more, I should be able to cut some decent lights again!  :)

Also, since I was hitting it with more power than I wanted to in first gear, I raised the rear tire pressure and lowered the wheelie bars.  Even with not being able to fully power thru first gear, my 60 foot times were 1.428 and then 1.410 on the two runs.

I will add two videos taken from outside and two videos from in the car in a day or two.  :)