Drag Race Results 8-18-2012

In addition to their regular Saturday program, there was also funny cars & jet cars, so they were pushing us through time trials pretty fast.

I had the launch set to 5,000 rpms every run.  I set up the nitrous to come on a bit sooner than last time out and moved the .024" nitrous jets to the first stage and ran this from 4,500rpms to 7,300rpms through the first three gears.  I wired up the fourth gear switch to activate the second stage of nitrous to also run from 4,500 to 7,300 rpms and set it up with .028" jets.  I was hoping that this would be enough to push it back into the 9's again finally, but either the heat was too much or something else is going on.  The heat was about a million degrees and the density altitude was about a million feet, (Okay, the temp was actually high 90's and the density altitude was about 4,500 feet just before the first run!), so I am thinking that hurt the performance, but to what degree, I am unsure.

I have had several people ask me how much nitrous I use, so this time I was a little more careful to monitor it and it took approximately 1.1 pounds of nitrous per run at this current setting.

Also, this was the first time out with my data logging system... Click here to see more on the system!

First Pass - Time trial run...

 It ran 10.248 @ 133.09mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.547 @ 104.10mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.453.

Second Pass - Time trial run...

 It ran 10.325 @ 130.96mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.557 @ 104.25mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.447.

Third Pass - Time trial run (Missed fourth gear for some reason?)...

 It ran 10.620 @ 126.47mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.641 @ 96.71mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.447.

Fourth Pass - First round of eliminations, dialed a 10.30 and lifted on the top end as I did not realize that I had red lit (Otherwise this run would have been a low 10.30 or high 10.20 as my 1,000ft time was quicker than my 10.325 run.)...

 It ran 10.385 @ 122.78mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.566@ 105.06mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.439.


Car launched as good as could be expected with the current suspension and the sixty foot times were within .014 of a second.

Still need to work on the lights more, but hopefully that will come again in time! (reaction times in order)...

.246, -.075, .001, & -.026  ...at least I had one good light!

This makes a total of 12 quarter mile runs this year and a boat load of dyno pulls!


You Tube video of first run

You Tube video of second run

You Tube video of third run

You Tube video of fourth run

 Click here for another video of the last run!