Drag Race Results 8-16-2014

Over all a pretty good day at the track.  Best part is that once again, I was able to drive the car back onto the trailer!  And even though things didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, I did cross the finish line before every car I ran against.

Since last time out I have changed my air filter arrangement, added an alternator and wired in a couple more switches and relays into the nitrous system.  Now there is a first gear switch that prevents the second stage of nitrous to activate and allows the launch control to only activate while in first.  Also I have a clutch safety switch incorporated that positively shuts off the nitrous anytime the clutch pedal is depressed.

I ran 14 psi in the rear tires all day and had the launch set to 5,000 rpms for the first two runs, then jumped it up to 6,500 rpms for the last two due to bogging on the second pass.

As a prequel to the day's events, my last two pulls on the dyno the week before with only the first stage of nitrous were showing a drop in power and the air fuel ratio was rich.  I had thought that perhaps it was because the nitrous bottle was getting low.  Since it still had almost 5 pounds in the 15 pound bottle, I think there may be a restriction in the first stage.  I'll have to attend to that before next time out.

First Pass - I snoozed pretty bad on the starting tree (.222).  It ran just a tad slower than I expected.  After crossing the finish line and lifted on the throttle, I heard a bad clanking sound that I thought might be in the drivetrain.  Luckily once I got back to the pits I discovered that I had not attached the left side of the wheelie bars properly and it was dragging on the ground!

 It ran 10.510 @ 129.23mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.729 @ 104.57mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.555.


Second Pass - Either my better burn out or a better than normal tack prep caused me to bog pretty badly.  I kept my foot to the floor until the car recovered.  Once it did, the rest of the run was okay.

 It ran 11.246 @ 127.64mph with the 1/8 mile times being 7.382 @ 103.01mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.920.


Third Pass - I raised the launch rpms and the car seemed to launch great.  Not quite sure why the performance was down, but I think I may have an issue with the first stage of nitrous.  I'll clean out and inspect everything before next time out.  After that I intend to upgrade the nitrous system.

 It ran 10.827 @ 122.76mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.816 (mph not available)  Sixty foot time was 1.518.


Fourth Pass - This was the first round of eliminations.  Since I was unable to spend the time to sort things out I decided to dialed in at 10.90.  My opponent dialed a 13.23.  The car launched great but unkowingly (at the time) I redlit with a -.015 light to my opponent's .099 light.  I caught him while in 4th gear so I lifted after passing him and actually was on the brakes to try and prevent breaking out.  (Had I known that I had redlit, I would have stayed in it as the 1/8th mile et indicates that I would have probably run in the 10.30's that pass.)  So, I ended up not only red lighting, but breaking out too!  He ran a 13.234 on a 13.23 dial in!

 It ran 10.847 @ 99.03mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.578 (mph not available)  Sixty foot time was 1.461.



Time Reaction 60 ft.  1/8 MPH  1/4 MPH
1:23pm .222 1.555 6.729 104.57 10.510 129.23
2:06pm .005 1.920 7.382 103.01 11.246 127.64
2:52pm .061 1.518 6.816 N/A 10.827 122.76
3:59pm -.015 1.461 6.578 N/A 10.847 99.03