Drag Race Results 7-23-2011

It was great to finally get the car out after almost 6 years of not running it! (September 24th of 2005 was the last time out!)

I did have a blast and most of the car cooperated fine, however, there is a "Glitch in the Matrix" with the engine management.  Or more likely, the way that I have something set!  As soon as I get the bugs worked out, however, I expect it to perform very well. 

I will be consulting with the manufacturer and a couple of people currently running the same system to see what I need to do to get a good pass... or rather better yet, a string of great passes!

(The best couple of runs were 7.50's at just over 92mph in the 1/8th, however, I was never on the throttle the entire passes.)

Hopefully I will make it out for the next event and possibly even figure out the problem by then too!

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