Drag Race Results 5-3-2014

Over all a pretty good day at the track.  Could have been better, but could have been much worse!

Weather held out pretty good as we didn't get any rain, but it was a bit cold and windy.

I ran 14 psi in the rear tires all day and had the launch set to 5,000 rpms.

First Pass - Kept all of the previous settings from my passes last year... I had the nitrous window set at 4,500rpms to 7,150 rpms.  I had it set to use the first stage of nitrous (.024" jet) in first, second and third gears and then the second stage of nitrous (.028") in fourth gear only.

 It ran 10.198 @ 130.39mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.488 @ 105.36mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.439.

Click Here for a video of the run.

Click Here for another video of the run.

Second Pass - I decided to set the second stage of nitrous to come on in the first three gears too.  I lowered the initial window for the first stage to 4,000 rpms and then for the second stage to hit at 5,500 rpms.  Also, I raised the high side to switch off at 7,200 rpms.

 It ran 10.078 @ 132.37mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.384 @ 105.39mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.436.

Click Here for a video of the run.

Click Here for another video of the run.

Click Here for yet another video of the run.

Third Pass - I got greedy and set the second stage to come on at 5,200 rpms and off at 7,300.  Either I overpowered the suspension, or the track, or I didn't do a good enough burn out, or?  Any case, the car launched hard to the left and then was pretty squirrelly as I attempted to drive out of it longer than I should have.  Luckily I didn't lose control of the car and came to my senses and aborted the run to save it for another time!  Would have majorly sucked had I put the car into the wall!

 It ran 13.249 @ 69.39mph with the 1/8 mile times being 7.071 @ 75.70mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.393.

Click Here for a video of the run.

Fourth Pass - This was the first round of eliminations.  I decided to split the difference between to the first two runs.  I set the second stage to come on at 6,000 rpms and off at 7,200 rpms.  I dialed in at 10.15.  I got a great start as the car launched straight as an arrow and I cut a .010 light to my opponent's .060 light.  He was given a .45 second head start as he had dialed a 10.60.  I reeled him in quickly, but lost my focus (Probably from lack of racing over the last several years!) and accidentally short shifted into 4th before the shift light came on.  The car seemed to roll over on the power at that point.

 It ran 10.607 @ 104.66mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.374 @ 104.46mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.416.

Click Here for a video of the run.

Click Here for another video of the run.

Not quite sure exactly what happened, but I think that since I accidentally short shifted into fourth (and haven't hooked up a nitrous cut switch on the clutch pedal yet) that I may have caused a nitrous back fire.  As I crossed the finish line, I could smell smoke, so as soon as I was able to get off of the track, I jumped out and got to test my new fire extinguisher that I had just installed!  It appears that the air filters caught on fire from the back fire.  Other than that, it doesn't appear to be any other problems, but I will be tearing stuff down to inspect.

Here are pictures of the damaged air filters (Notice that the Halon fire extinguisher left no residue!)...

Hopefully all I will need to do is clean stuff up, inspect everything and install new air filters. Of course, I will also get the clutch switch installed, as that is the only thing that I can think may have caused it?

The golf cart that I rented from Pacific Golf & Turf for the wife and boys to use came in handy as they were able to tow me back to the pits after the last run until I inspected it and realized that it was safe to start back up.

Felt great getting back in the car and buzzing down the track again!

Check my YouTube video page for all videos.


Time Reaction 60 ft.  1/8 MPH  1/4 MPH
2:04pm .320 1.439 6.488 105.36 10.198 130.98
3:06pm .079 1.436 6.384 105.39 10.078 132.37
4:17pm .046 1.393 7.071 75.70 13.249 69.39
5:32pm .010 1.416 6.374 104.46 10.607 104.66


Here is a picture taken at the track by the track photographer...


5-23-2014 Update...  Installed new paper element air filters with metal tops...