Drag Race Results 5-11-2012

I made a last minute decision to take it out again for the Friday night program.  This pass was taken at 9:00pm, but with the track getting cold and no headlight(s) on the front of my car to see the return road, I decided to load the car up and save it for next time!

Only Pass - Kept all of the previous settings from my last pass (10.556 @ 125.73mph) three weeks ago as is, except had it switch to the second stage 500 rpms sooner (5,500 rpms).  This allowed it to pull stronger in each gear and actually use the second stage for part of fourth gear.

 It ran 10.123 @ 132.27mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.411 @ 107.43mph.  Sixty foot time was 1.450.

Next time out I will have the fourth gear switch wired up so as to have the second stage activate sooner.  This should be enough to put it into a high 9 second pass.  I probably won't push it too much more than that until I get the new heads done and a few other modifications too.  Not to mention getting some more seat time so as to get re-acclimated to running the car this quick and fast.

Here is a link to a video of the run that one of my students took with his phone....