Test-N-Tune Results 4-21-2012

Finally got the car on the 1/4 mile again and the engine management system worked flawless all day long!  YAY!

Also the track surface, track prep and entire crew were AWESOME!!!  I can't wait until I am in a position to race there a lot... hopefully by next season!

The first thing I did once I got there was to go through the chassis re-certification and the car passed again and is now "legal" to 8.50 for the next three years.

I chose to only make 4 quarter mile runs and was pleased with the results, although a bit slower than I had hoped, but I will put in my disclaimers here first before I share the exact times of each run.

First off, I haven't raced the car on a quarter mile track since 2005 so wanted to take baby steps, secondly I wanted to try various settings on the track to sneak upon a decent tune and thirdly I didn't have all of my safety gear upgraded yet, so had to make sure to keep the car out of the 9's and slower than 135mph.

Other factors are the altitude (over 2,000 ft.), the facts that I am running a smaller cam that lowers the rpm range and that I geared the transaxle very high in anticipation of future performance improvements.  So... now that I got all of my excuses out of the way, here is a recap of the day's events!...

First Pass - I did a good burnout and tried a 4,000 rpm launch.  The track glued the car to itself and it bogged big time!  2.443 sixty foot time!  I held in it and the car recovered running a 12.622 @ 111.39mph with the 1/8 mile times being 8.322 @ 93.39mph.  (No nitrous on this run.)

Second Pass - I raised the rear tire pressure, tightened the front shocks, raised the launch rpms to 6,000 and did very little of a burn out.  The car launched much better and I had a 1.551 sixty foot time.  It ran 11.436 @ 113.07mph with 1/8 mile times being 7.199 @ 94.19mph. (No nitrous on this run either.)

Third Pass - Decided to run the smallest shot of nitrous that I had (.014" jets)  Decided to launch at 5,000rpms and have the nitrous come on from 5,250rpms to 7,250rpms.  If I recall correctly, this pass I did a small burn out and think that I had water still left on the left tire as it launched hard to the left with the wheels up.  I drove out of it, and don't think that I lifted, but I might have, none the less I had a 1.550 sixty foot time on this pass.  It ran 10.990 @ 121.58mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.992 @ 102.79mph.

Fourth Pass - Decided to run a bit more nitrous and left the previous settings as is, but had it switch to the second stage at 6,000rpms (.024" jets).  Decided to do a big burn out again, but I think that it may have bogged a teeny tiny little bit as it did a 1.606 sixty foot time.  It pulled very well except in 4th gear as it didn't even hit the second stage in that gear due to it being an overdrive! (I'll have it set up better next time as I will have the safety gear!)  It ran 10.556 @ 125.73mph with the 1/8 mile times being 6.724 @ 106.42mph.

Click here for a video of the above run!

One thing that I learned was that if I decide to not push it real hard, I may want to lower 4th gear as it is like driving a 5 speed and skipping 4th gear... 4th is way too tall unless I hit it with some serious nitrous!  I think that if I lowered 3rd and 4th gear that it would easily run solid 10's again off of the bottle (especially at a lower altitude track), so all in all I am very pleased with it!

I would also like to thank all that helped in one way or another to either get the car ready or help me the day of the event... Rocky Jennings, Micky Jennings, Tim Rogers, Paul Overfield, Jody Kerlee, Lance Nist, Trevor Langfield, Mark Koklich, Matt Knox, Josh McLean, Tom McLaughlin & Steven Machurick.  (If I forgot anyone I apologize in advance!)

I will post as soon as possible the next time that I will go out.  Most likely all of my runs this year will be at one of these two tracks...


(Click below for Walla Walla's race schedule!)

http://www.wwdragstrip.com/8x11 schedule 2012.jpg

(Click below for Spokane's race schedule!)


A pic from one of the runs!....