Previous 2276cc Engine

(Car ran a best of 10.949 & 122.43, in the 1/4 with this engine.)

Displacement: 2276cc / 139cubic inches - Estimated horsepower:  250

          Type 1 - 1600 dual oil pressure relief case,

          94mm Wiseco pistons, Total Seal rings & JayCee Barrels

          82mm stroke crankshaft; type one mains & 2" Chevy rod journals,

          wedgemated flywheel, Berg gland nut, J&G clutch.

          King rod bearings, dual thrust cam bearings.

          Pauter AA/Billet 5.5" aluminum beam / chrome moly cap rods.

          MSD 6AL ignition w/2 step rev limiter & 4th gear 4 degree retard,

          Bosch 009 distributor w/double sprung points gapped to .008",

          Accel 8.8 wires, & NGK D8EVX platinum spark plugs (.040"gap).

          Dual 48IDA Weber Carbs. opened up by JayCee to 51mm w/48mm venturis,

          JayCee Pro-Mod velocity stacks, enlarged float bowls, & 3.0 needle and seats.

          Autocraft 910 heads w/50mm x 38.5mm (1.97"x1.515") titanium .200" longer

          Chevy 11/32" stem valves, titanium retainers & K-Motion K-800 springs.

          Rocky Jennings Enterprises sheet metal valve covers

          Pauter "Big Block" 1.6:1 aluminum roller rockers

          w/individual shafts per cylinder, three studs & stands per shaft.

          Dual pattern Engle camshaft with approx. .650" lift @ valve:

          Intake; KB-424 (.408" lift, 333 advertised duration / 292 duration @ .050")

          Exhaust; KB-425 (.412" lift, 341 advertised duration / 297 duration @ .050")

          Scat lifters, Manton tapered chrome moly pushrods (5/16" x 3/8" x 5/16")

          Berg 30mm oil pump & full flow cover, Berg 4 quart sump, O-berg filter,

          Magnum steel straight cut gears, Raceware chrome moly head studs,

          12:1 compression, 1 7/8" merged exhaust.