7-29-12 Dyno Session

Car was still having some intermittent issues (While on the dyno) with not running as smooth and consistent as I would like.  I finally did some data logging with it and discovered that the map sensor signal was very erratic as can be seen by the light blue lines in the upper left hand circled area in the graph below.  Immediately below that the orange line indicates how the fuel injectors were responding.  On the right side of the graph is a run after putting a .014" restrictor and fuel filter in the vacuum hose leading from the engine to the map sensor.  This smoothed out and dampened the pulses making the engine run a lot smoother and consistent.  The engine now revs cleaner, quicker and makes more power.

We also found that the card in our dyno was coming loose on the mother board, so after making some repairs to it and doing some minor recalibration, it appears that the dyno is working better, but reading a bit lower on the numbers. (Probably more accurate now!)

Here is a run that I took with a bit of nitrous (.014" starting at 5,000rpms & then switching to .024" jets at 5,100rpms) after all of the above was done and a tiny bit more tuning on the fuel cells above 5,000 rpms.  (I will go back and work on the idle to 5,000 tune later, and play with the timing more later as on this run I had 32 degrees total and pulled out 10 degrees with the nitrous to give me only 22 degrees.)....

Within the next couple of weeks, I will do some more tuning with and without nitrous and post the results and graphs of those runs.