2013 Plans & Goals

The goal with the car this year is to run quicker and faster, but also very consistently!  If all goes as planned, the car will easily run in the 9's with a moderate tune and hopefully in the high 8's with a more aggressive tune.

Engine improvements...

New heads -

     Improved intake ports and intake manifolds.

     Staying with 51mm intakes, but reducing stem diameter from 11/32" to 7mm.

     Increasing exhaust valve from 40mm to 44.45mm, staying with 11/32" stem.

     Changing from steel seats to beryllium copper seats and improved valve job angles.

Pistons -

     Custom CP pistons for nitrous use.

Compression -

     Dropped from 13:1 to around 8:1

Camshaft -

     Possibly will change from the Engle FK-10 cam to a custom cam with FK-10 like profile on the intakes (268 duration @ .050", .385" lift / .610" lift at valve.) and FK-89 like profile on the exhaust (282 duration @ .050", .416" lift / .660" lift at valve.) and change from 108 lobe centers to 114.

Nitrous -

     Upgrading some or all of the NOS "stuff" to WON...and spraying a lot more!

Tune -

     Car will be dyno tuned to the "nat's eyebrow", both without and with nitrous!  Also, I intend on eventually expanding the data logging parameters to include at least 4 exhaust gas temperature sensors.

Exhaust -

     May try a 2.25" exhaust while on the dyno to compare to current 2" exhaust system.

Suspension/Chassis improvements...

     Modify transaxle mounts to improve rear spring plate angles.

     Hopefully will also upgrade to dual adjustable rear shocks.

     Future improvement - Either back halve car or install new raised torsion housing.

Safety improvements...


     Steel scatter-shield

     Oil retention device

     On board fire suppression system

     Future improvement - Disk Brakes!


     I intend to have the car ready for the Spokane County Raceway Saturday, July 27th Bug In.

     At least one more event in Spokane

     At least one event in Walla Walla

     If all goes well with the car's performance and if time and money allows, I would like to make one BRS event the end of the season.  Either September 1st in Sacramento or October 19th in Las Vegas.