Engine Improvements for 2013

After doing a lot of tuning on the engine in 2012 and taking a dozen runs down the track, the engine was over due for freshening up and getting a few changes.

The new heads can be seen here...   http://www.badbugracing.com/Heads-Nitrous.htm

As I had an issue with my crankshaft pulley, here is the new one...

We enlarged the center hole on a trigger wheel and machined a slight locating step on the back of the pulley.

It bolts to this hub...

Here it is installed on the engine along with a small pulley for the alternator. 

A view of the crank sensor mounting bracket and how well it lines up.

The cylinders were bored to just over 4.030" and new CP pistons were made for nitrous use.

Crankshaft stroke is still 80mm (3.15")

Displacement is approximately 160.8 cubic inches or 2635cc

More updates coming soon!