Engine changes for 2008


Displacement: 2594cc / 158 cubic inches - Estimated horsepower:  300+

     Bore: 101.6mm (4.00") Jaycee .190"/.240" thick wall cylinders & Wiseco pistons.

     Stroke: 80mm (3.15") Waterboxer wedge-mated crank.

    Case: Waterboxer 1.9L case modified by Rocky Jennings Enterprises.

     Cam: Engle FK-10 ( 268 duration @ .050", .385" lift / .610" lift at valve.)

               (I may switch to a roller cam & lifters another season.)

     Lifters: Scat with lube hole & SLR resurface.

     Rods: Eagle 5.88" with Carrillo bolts.

     Heads: Autocraft 910s with 51 x 40 valves.

     Induction System: Electronic fuel injection with four 61mm (2.400") throttle plates. 

     Ignition: Will be part of EFI system with coil per plug.

     Compression: 13:1

     Special features: Nitrous oxide


(June 2008)Here are some pics of the engine as it is almost ready to be installed for initial dyno runs.  Once a baseline is established, the carbs and distributor will be removed and the EFI and separate coils fitted.  After the engine management system is dialed in, I will re-install the nitrous kit and dial it in too.

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(8-1-2008) Here are some pics of the engine installed and the car strapped down to the dyno.

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Here are a couple of initial dyno pulls.

Rear view of an initial dyno pull in 3rd gear.

Front view of an initial dyno pull in 4th gear.


As you may notice, the rear tires move around quite a bit.  I believe it comes from the car sitting for almost three years (on the tires!) and the rear shocks were adjusted to a zero setting.  After tightening the rear shocks, it settled down quite a bit.  I may try doing a burn out with the tires to see if a little heat will bring them back.  If not, then it is time for a new set of slicks!

The initial numbers on the Mustang chassis dyno are 215 hp and 194 torque to the ground.  Next week I will start tuning the engine and hope to gain a little.  After this base line tune is established, then it will be time to start swapping over to the stand alone system!

After a little tuning, the best numbers are now 220.3 hp and 197.5 torque to the ground.

(For what it is worth, we compared our Mustang dyno with a local DynoJet dyno and our numbers were about 7% lower.)