New 2.8L Engine for 2002!

(Car ran a best of 9.358 & 145.12, in the 1/4 with this engine!)

     Displacement: 2789cc / 170cubic inches - Estimated horsepower:  300+

     Bore: 101.6mm (4.00") Jaycee .240" thick wall cylinders & Wiseco pistons.

     Stroke: 86mm Bugpack flanged crank, Type 4 center main, 2" rod journals.

     Case: Waterboxer 2.1L case modified by Rocky Jennings Enterprises.

               (Click here for more information on case!)

     Cam: Engle FK-89 ( 282 duration @ .050", .416" lift / .660" lift at valve.)

     Some other cams I have tried are below:

              Engle KB-425 ( 296 duration @ .050", .410" lift / .650" lift at valve.)

              Autocraft 9526-B billet steel ( 286 duration @ .050", .426" lift / .675" lift at valve.)

     Lifters: Scat with lube hole.

     Rods: Carrillo, 6" long.

     Heads: Autocraft 910 heads ported by Jaycee Enterprises w/51mm x 40mm  

     (2.008"x1.575") titanium .200" longer Chevy 11/32" stem valves, titanium 

     retainers & K-Motion K-800 springs.

     Pauter "Big Block" 1.6:1 aluminum roller rockers

     w/individual shafts per cylinder, three studs & stands per shaft.

     Rocky Jennings Enterprises sheet metal valve covers.

     Carburetion: Dual Berg 58mm Weber-style carbs with 50mm venturies.

     Nitrous Oxide:  NOS Pro Race Fogger System w/stainless soft plume nozzles.

                              NOS Programmable Progressive Nitrous Controller

                              Bottle heater, dedicated fuel system, purge valve, etc.

(Click here for pictures of nitrous installed!)

     Fuel System: 2 Holley Blue fuel pumps with 1/2" lines; 1 for carbs & 1 for NOS.

     Ignition: MSD 6AL ignition w/2 step rev limiter & 4th gear 4 degree retard,

     MSD Billet Distributor, MSD Wires, & NGK D8EVX platinum spark plugs, D9EA with NOS.

     Exhaust: Ceramic coated 2" Berg merged, DynoMax 24215 "bullet" muffler

     Compression: 13.8:1

     Misc.: Berg 30mm oil pump, O-berg oil filter, Bugpack steel straight cut cam gears, Raceware 10mm chrome moly head studs (12 per head.), .040" thick copper head gaskets, Vanderville rod bearings, dual thrust cam bearings.  Manton tapered chrome moly pushrods (5/16" x 3/8" x 5/16"), J&G clutch, Jaycee front pulley.

Engine was built in conjunction with Rocky Jennings Enterprises.