2002 Drag Race Results

I made a total of 63 passes this year, 47 were time trials, 16 were eliminations with 9 of them wins for a win ratio of 56%.  (4 losses were by red lights; .487, .463, .490 & .498!  Only 1 loss was a close race and the rest were due to mechanical failure.)  I had 1 runner-up finish for the season.

I didn't make any of the "Bug Events" this year, but concentrated on curing some shifting problems, cam shaft failures and getting the nitrous oxide installed and dialed in!

Best numbers were: 10.544 @ 128.21mph (1/4 mile) & 6.619 @ 103.45mph (1/8 mile)

And on nitrous were: 9.358 @ 145.12mph (1/4 mile) & 5.998 @ 118.02mph (1/8 mile)


(Click on dates for results of each event!)

April 27 (Saturday)                    Walla Walla                     Test-N-Tune

April 28 (Sunday)                      Walla Walla                      Points Race

May 18 (Saturday)                     Walla Walla                      Points Race

June 15 (Saturday)                     Walla Walla                      Points Race

July 13 (Saturday)                      Walla Walla                      Points Race

August 10 (Saturday)                  Walla Walla                     Points Race

August 24 (Saturday)                  Walla Walla                     Points Race

September 7 (Saturday)              Walla Walla                     Points Race

September 14 (Saturday)             Walla Walla          Quick 64 Qualifying

September 15 (Sunday)                Walla Walla                Quick 64 Race

September 28 (Saturday)             Walla Walla                    Points Race

October 6 (Sunday)                      Spokane                          Last Race