2000 Drag Race Results

I made a total of 71 passes this year, 42 were time trials, 12 were exhibitions, 17 were eliminations with 13 of them wins for a win ratio of 76%.  I had 2 first place wins and 1 runner-up for the season.

Best numbers were: 10.949 @ 122.43mph (1/4 mile) & 7.005 @ 98.90mph (1/8 mile)

(Click on dates for results of each event!)

April 29 (Saturday)                    Walla Walla                                         Test-N-Tune

April 30 (Sunday)                      Walla Walla                   Fastest Street Car Shootout

May 12 (Friday)                           Yakima                                             Test-N-Tune

May 19 (Friday)                           Yakima                                              Test-N-Tune

May 21 (Sunday)                       Walla Walla                                                 Imports

June 3 (Saturday)                        Woodburn                                          VW Bug Run

June 18 (Sunday)                        Walla Walla                             Jr. Dragsters / Harleys

July 8 (Saturday)                          Bremerton                                             VW Bug-In

July 16 (Sunday)                              Seattle                                       VW Bugnationals

August 12 (Saturday)                      Spokane                                                 Fox Hunt

August 13 (Sunday)                        Spokane                                                  Nostalgia

August 19 (Saturday)                   Walla Walla                                           Test-N-Tune

August 20 (Sunday)                     Walla Walla                     Fastest Street Car Shootout

September 16 (Saturday)                 Yakima                                   Volksfest VW Drags