Plans for 2014

Transaxle (Should be completed by 3-16-14)

I am making some repairs and upgrades on the transaxle.

    Replacing stock 1/2 & 3/4 hubs with hardened hubs.

    Replacing 4.86 ring & pinion with 4.57.

    Replacing stock input shaft with Weddle 300m torsional input shaft to reduce shock load.

Suspension (Should be completed by 4-2-14)

The plan is to lower the transaxle in the car 3/4" to get a better angle from the rear axles to the torsion housing.  Hopefully this will make it launch better and tame it down during the shifts.  Hopefully next winter I will either back halve the car with a ladder bar and coil over suspension or raise the torsion housing.

Safety (Should be completed by 4-2-14)

I'm planning on building a steel scatter shield for the bell housing area, install a parachute and upgrade the brakes.  Hopefully soon there will be some other safety upgrades to include an on board fire extinguisher system.

Engine Management

I plan a little more aggressive tune on the dyno.  I want to upgrade the wide band system.  I also hope/plan to upgrade the nitrous system.


No major changes other than routine maintenance.  Next year I hope to build a new bottom end with a stronger crank and rods, plus a different cam grind.

Support equipment

I am hoping to get a trailer and generator this year so that I don't have to rely on borrowing them for the season!